Ladies, what turns you on?

I bet you’ve heard this question so many times, some are aware of what the answer is while others are not so sure. But one thing is for sure, if you haven’t had an orgasm during sex, you need to get laid immediately cos all you’ve been doing is play around.

Sex is not a talent we were born with, we learn as time goes by, as it is said practice makes perfect but you have to be willing to go all out to experience it or make your partner experience it.

If your partner isn’t climaxing, you’re doing it wrong and when you’re doing it wrong, there’s a probability your partner would get someone else to do it right. So sit tight and get ready to be the man who always does it right. But ladies, even when your man ain’t around, you can always have a backup. How you say? Raise up your hands, yes, your fingers, those very fingers of yours are your side niggas anytime, so you should also get in position because I’m about to teach you just how well your fingers can be your Daddy too.

Orgasms are one of the best things to happen to mankind and what makes it even better is the fact that you can go into orgasm with the help of your own fingers. Surprised? Asides the sexual pleasure, it helps relieve you of stress and worries, and keeps you looking younger and fresher. If you think it’s false, give me a call when you’re done reading this piece and I will show you the way…..

So let’s go down to business, what are the 12 types of orgasms?

  1. G-spot orgasm
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This is probably the most popular type of orgasm The G-spot is the spongy area above the vaginal wall also known as the Graffenberg spot. While some women can’t go into climax except through penetration, majority need this spot to be located so believe it or not, the G-spot is here to stay. All you need do is apply pressure slowly as you make circular motions with your fingers, make sure you don’t stop till you have gotten what you want.Get your fingers wet, a lubricant can be Bae here as well if you don’t want to use the good old saliva. Guys, at this point, you can also throw in a couple of kisses down there to have your lady go from 0 to a 100 in seconds.

2. Breast/Nipple orgasm

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Ahan Ahan! Need I say more? I’m sure your nipples are hard by the mention alone but don’t worry, I’’ll give a proper breakdown for the benefit of all the Mr Wrong trying to make it right. Do you know that stimulation of the nipple activates a part of the brain known as the genital sensory cortex? I bet you didn’t. The nipple and brain are tied meaning the brain is also a sex organ. But I’m sure my Naija guys don’t slack in this particular department. Even if they don’t know other ways to make her orgasm, this one is programmed in them already.

3. Kissing/Oral Orgasm

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If your kissing game is wack, trust me you are not worthy of the Punani. Kissing is an important part of foreplay, so brush your teeth and get in here guys before you get pushed to the left. Of course, your breath shouldn’t cause her memory loss, that is No 1. The next step is to take your time, don’t rush to throw in your tongue like a hook trying to catch a fish. Go for the lips first, slowly seduce your way to her tongue, a lil lip bite wouldn’t hurt as well but if you can’t stick to the ‘lil’, bros, move on. Some people tend to underestimate the power in the tongue but trust me; this is the beginning of a wet below for her. Just make sure you are rolling slowly in the right directions with a deep focus, close your eyes if you can, it helps you ignore anything that can be a distraction.

4. Anal Orgasm

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This is not something some people want to try but for those in on it already, they can testify that it is just as pleasurable so far you’re using a good lubricant. But always remember, the anal region is tighter than the vagina therefore, make sure you go in slowly and of course, after a good dose of foreplay. This is because the tight muscles and thin epithelial cell layer are subject to tearing but they can still provide you with that amazing pleasure.

5. U-spot orgasm

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! The urethra sounds almost like eureka. For those who are masters in squirting, you’d know why I’m so excited about this one. This is the pee hole, the very place where you squirt through when he makes you lose your senses. This is a talent and it is not so common so if you have experienced this before, I hail, but if you haven’t, dial my number when you are done reading this piece.

The urethra is surrounded on three sides by the clitoris. Yes, the clitoris is actually bigger than you think; it goes 3 to 5 inches deep inside you. When your U-spot is stimulated, the erectile tissue surrounding the opening fills with blood. This triggers the Skene’s gland to produce prostatic fluid (squirting) which gets you aroused.

6. A-spot orgasm

This is your inner vaginal zone also known as the anterior fornix. You can find it at your front vaginal wall up to your belly button. Some people say it is a great pressure point because it can be considered as indirect stimulation of the G-spot. This spot is best explored when you are quite aroused and your muscles are super relaxed. So to all my Mr Endowed, this is where you need to display.

7. Cervical Orgasm

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Okay, where are those who won’t let us hear word by disturbing our eardrums with how awesome their stroke game is, this is your space. Here, orgasm is reached through pressure and not repeated stimulation. It is similar to the A-spot orgasm. For some vaginas, this area is quite sensitive and pain might be felt more than pleasure but some ladies prefer this position. Raise your hands, if you’d rather scream, ‘harder’.

8. Clitoral Orgasm

The Clitoris has one job; to pleasure you. This is the Boss as you are more likely to reach the top of the hill with this. If others don’t work, this is a sure bet as it holds thousands of nerve endings, 8000 to be precise. So oral sex or not, this works faster and can get you wet and hard very fast, you’d forget your location. So guys, if you can’t get this right, go home because the size of your manhood is not so important here but it’s for you to gently stimulate, tease and wipe her memory with orgasm.

9. Zone orgasm

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There are different zones in the body that gives us pleasure and all we need do is figure out where they lie because some of them are in places we least expect. You experience zone orgasm when you stimulate an area that is not usually thought of as erotic. It could be the thighs, the neck, the belly or the feet, but in order to find out what zone would transcend to orgasm, you and your partner have a lot of exploring and communicating to do. So keep your minds open.

10. Blended orgasm

This is for the Ogas. Blended orgasm is when more than one area is stimulated at the same time. Fingers here, tongue there, thighs here and there will sure result in blended orgasm. Ladies, try massaging your nipples and breasts while your fingers are stimulating you down there.Each stroke would definitely get you a step closer to your blended climax. Guys, you could also help her achieve this; your tongue game has to be dope while still making sure your fingers are not lazying around. Sex is about pleasure, excitement and many wonderful things but don’t forget it’s also about getting the job done and this can only happen when the sexual energy is released.

11. Fantasy/Mental Orgasm

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Ladies, if you haven’t experienced this, I think it’s time to change and guys if you haven’t put her in this mood, come for lessons. Have you ever had sex and days later, you find yourself reliving the moment? You can’t seem to concentrate at work or any place else, because your mind keeps traveling to where hard-ons can only be found. Have you ever woken up from a dream exhausted from all the orgasms you had? Yes, this happens and you don’t even need to be touched physically. This is because the brain is the biggest sex organ; I bet you didn’t know this.


12. Multiple Orgasms

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The Latinos would say, A ya ya, and I concur a 100%. Multiple orgasms come in two forms: sequential (one right after the other with rest time in between) and serial (one right after another with no rest time). Guys, you have to be real good to put her in this state. This is the result of the Math you’ve been doing on her body so when this happens, just know you are the Boss.

Some ladies find it hard to have one orgasm let alone multiple orgasms while some actually have the tendency of reaching this orgasm but they’d rather stop at one than let it continue because they feel they’d go out of breath completely. If this is your case, you can pause a bit to catch your breath after your first orgasm before continuing with the rest as they come. So guys, when you have made her orgasm once, don’t be a pussy, go on and on at the same spot applying more pressure till she screams at you to stop.

Foreplay is key to turning her on, whether it is a quickie or not; sex or love making. Don’t forget it should be enjoyed by both partners so when next you are thinking about getting into the act, ensure you get her into one or more of these moods. I mean, make her vagina know you were there by making her ‘cum’.

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