Why ‘cum’ alone when you can ‘cum’ together. Always remember, a couple that ‘cums’ together, stays together. Find the right spots that can enhance your sex life.


Whisper sweet nothings into her ear, breath softly into her ear to get her aroused. Tell her how attractive she is while you playfully lick her ear and plant a few kisses behind and in front. But be careful not to pour all your saliva on the ear, gently lick in circles, bite softly, suck while saying sexual things to her, she sure would wiggle in want of you.


This part is super sensitive. This is where the jugular vein is located, where predators love to attack and also where the vampires crave. When kissed, your whole body comes to life even with the shortest of kisses. It has that dangerous sexy vibe. Just before you go into the deed, be sure to arouse her with a kiss or multiple kisses on the neck and you would be sure to get a response that would turn you both on. You can do with and without the tongue, they can both do the trick.


Who doesn’t like a belly rub? Kiss, caress, lick and taunt her. Make your fingers run slowly down her belly, Tickle that tummy, under the breasts, make her scream but don’t let her go. But in all your tummy tickling, don’t forget the belly button. This very small button is mighty when it comes to giving her that fantastic sensual feel. It is the perfect icing on the cake sexually though.


This part of the body gets ignored most times. The butt should be tapped, squeezed, spanked, playfully though. The butt is also a sensitive part of the body. The butt can even be massaged and kissed. For some ladies, a good spanking can turn them on before and even during the deed.


Kiss and suck on her clit, lick it all over, slowly. Pull and tug on the vulva with your teeth, gently, don’t bite it off. Stick your tongue deep in it, add a finger, then two fingers, and go at a steady pace. Flick your tongue fast up and down her entire clit. Now her legs would sure tremble.


The nerves present here are extremely sensitive so stroke her thigh then gently kiss it. You can move from one thigh to the other but not in haste. Take your time, remember, you want to pleasure her so build up the suspense rather than rushing. Stay steady and watch her tremble as this is close to her private part.


Foot rubs? Check. After that long day, this gives you the complete relaxation, so far the feet are clean so as not to turn the partner off. So make sure to wash the feet before that foot play. Just play with her feet, gently rub, kiss, suck, massage. Nibble her toes one after the other, tickle her after that round, Trust me, she sure would return the favor.


Give her that soothing massage not the back breaking kind, the one that sends her on mind blowing trips. From the shoulders to the back gently down the spine, slow circles, throw in a few kisses here and there. The best part is she can’t see you or know what you are going to do next, so make sure to surprise her with a few love bites while also licking her. You can also tickle her in between to give that extra sensation. Massage can be done with or without oil but the oil makes it more relaxing and easy for you to move around her.


This is the most visible part where you can easily get kissed. Some people love it gentle while others love it wild and passionate. The kisses can be short or long depending on the mood. The kisses can be with or without the tongue. Kissing is very arousing and can help turn on your buttons but make sure your breath is fresh, you can take a mint just before you exercise your tongue. Try it out but make sure to stop for a couple of breaths if you are going in for a long one.


The breasts are very sensitive and are seen as a sexual part of the body. No matter the size of the breasts or nipples, they still maintain a high level of sensitivity. Make sure to kiss the nipples softly, suck on it while fondling the breasts gently to give her that extreme sensation even while kissing her on the lips, don’t fail to stroke and massage her breasts. That is a major turn on.