Understanding your body is the first step to enjoying your sexuality

Wet Dreams: A wet dream is when you ejaculate while you’re asleep. Wet dreams are a normal part of growing up because when you go through puberty, your body starts producing the male hormone testosterone. Once your body makes testosterone, it can now release sperm, and this usually happens while you’re having a dream about sex, and sometimes even when you’re not. You may not even remember the dream and you don’t have to masturbate to have a wet dream. In short, wet dreams are normal part of growing up, don’t feel bad about it.

Erections and Ejaculations: During puberty stage, you start to get erections. This is when your penis temporarily grows and hardens. Erections are when tissue inside your penis fills up with blood and this can be sparked by messages from your brain which can be due to sexual stimulation (arousal). Ejaculation is when semen comes out of the penis after it has been aroused or stimulated. It is a normal part of male sexual response cycle.

Male sex organs: The male reproductive organs located outside the body that play their role in the process of human reproduction includes, the penis, the urethra, the scrotum (balls). Unlike women, majority of these organs are located outside the body.
The organs have various roles to play which include;
To produce, maintain, and transport sperm and semen (protective fluid).
To discharge sperm within the female reproductive tract during sex.
To produce and secrete male sex hormones called testosterone responsible for maintaining the male reproductive system.

Types of Orgasms: 

Do you know there are two types of orgasms for guys? I bet you didn’t. having orgasms doesn’t necessarily mean to ejaculate. Infact, orgasm and ejaculation are two different things as they are controlled by different parts of the brain and nervous system.

  1. Orgasm with ejaculation: this is the typical one most guys are aware of. Here, the guy has an orgasm and releases sperm. This can occur when he is having a sex or while masturbating.
  2. Orgasm without ejaculation: this is also called dry orgasm. This happens when he is having wet dreams. This could even spur multiple orgasms within minutes of one another just like ladies’ experience.


The average size of a man’s penis is between 6.3 to 7 inches. Although, they are some with bigger sizes but just so you know, being smaller isn’t a defect. There are different types of penis, the womb shifters, the ‘are you in yet’ etc. but everyone has a category even the balls are unique in their own way and nothing one should feel ashamed of. If it is big and long that it can get to her throat, doesn’t mean it can work well, if it is so small, that the lady doesn’t feel it enter, doesn’t mean it can’t work well, so whatever category you are, make sure to be proud and focus on the main, which is making it work well. Stick around to find out all the info you need to know as guys about your penis sizes and ladies, stick around to find out more as well cos I know you are also on this page, this piece is also for you, so you can be prepared when the pants go down.