Who is more at risk of becoming infected with an STI, men or women?

If exposed to STIs, women are more likely to become infected than men because women have a greater area of exposure (the cervix and the vagina) than men, and small tears may occur in the vaginal tissue during sex that will make it an easy pathway for infection.

Is it safe to have sex during menstruation?

For women with a longer menstrual cycle, having sex while menstruating is safe as regards pregnancy prevention. But if you have a short cycle (21-24 days) your chances of getting pregnant after menstruation (if you have sex during menstruation) is higher since your ovulation happens soon after your period stops. You should also note that the risk of infection is higher during this period.

What is the cause of pain during sexual intercourse?

It may be as a result of one of many things such as; lack of proper lubrication (vaginal dryness), vaginal infection, stress or tension, injury of the vagina. If it is caused by vaginal dryness you can use FIESTA INTIM GEL for better lubrication.

Can I use salt and water to prevent pregnancy after sex?

Salt and water after sex cannot prevent pregnancy. Increased salt intake may pose a risk to your health and it may increase your risk of having a high blood pressure.

Is it true that urinating immediately after sex prevents pregnancy?

This is a myth. Urinating after sex cannot prevent pregnancy.

Can I get pregnant after having sex for the first time?

Yes, you can get pregnant the first time you have sex, this depends on the time in your menstrual cycle you had sex. All that needs to happen for you to get pregnant is for a sperm to get to an egg. To prevent pregnancy use a FIESTA CONDOM or POSTPILL.

What can I do to stop ejaculating very early during sex?

DKT has a brand of FIESTA condom called PROLONG, it delays ejaculation and increases pleasure during sex. If the condition continues, please visit a doctor.