How many times can I take POSTPILL in a month/ menstrual cycle

Although POSTPILL is recommended for single use, using it repeatedly-up to 6 times in the same menstrual cycle does not pose any known health risks.

Now after using POSTPILL, DKT recommends you should start a regular contraceptive method like DMPA Sc. Injection, Levofem daily pills, Lydia IUD or implants to increase your chances of successfully preventing pregnancy all the time.

If I have sex many times in one night, how many times should I take POSTPILL?

Take it only once. This is because POSTPILL remains in your body for some time after you use it. Therefore, it does not need to be taken more than once in 24 hours, even if multiple acts of unprotected sex occur within this timeframe.

What should I do if I have unprotected sex again after using POSTPILL?

If you have sex 24hours after using POSTPILL, then you will need to use POSTPILL again but after your first POSTPILL use, DKT recommends that you use a condom every single time until you see your next period.

Can I use POSTPILL for abortion?

No, you cannot. POSTPILL works before pregnancy happens while abortion medicine works after pregnancy starts. POSTPILL is not effective for abortion and it cannot harm or stop an existing pregnancy.

Can I use POSTPILL all the time as my regular contraceptive method?

It is not recommended because POSTPILL is less effective than the regular contraceptive methods (such as DMPA Sc. Injection, Implanon or Jadelle implants, Lydia IUD etc).

When should i take POSTPILL after having unprotected sexual intercourse ?

The sooner POSTPILL is taken after sex, the more effective it will be. The more time passes, the more likely it is that POSTPILL may not work. Therefore, it must be taken as soon as possible.

I took POSTPILL and vomited, do I need to take another one?

If you vomited within two hours after taking POSTPILL, you will need to take another pill but take it after eating something light like crackers or plain bread to avoid vomiting again.

Will POSTPILL protect me from HIV and STIs?

No, it won’t. All Emergency Contraceptive Pills (including POSTPILL) cannot provide protection against HIV and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). For protection against STIs and HIV, use a FIESTA condom.