How do I know if the Caya diaphragm is inserted correctly and fits?

Use your longest finger (usually the middle finger) to verify the correct position of the diaphragm, check whether the cup covers the cervix and the removal dome located securely behind your pubic bone. If this is the case you are well protected.

For how long can I use the Caya diaphragm?

After the first use, the Caya diaphragm should be used for 2 years. In case of an infection, the Caya should be discarded and replaced with a new one after treatment of the existing infection.

Why does the Caya diaphragm have to remain in the vagina for 6 hours after sex?

Sperm cells are no longer active after this period. These 6 hours are for your own safety and to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

Why should Caya not be worn for longer than 24 hours without interruption?

Wearing the Caya diaphragm for longer than 24 hours without interruption can promote bacterial growth inside the vagina. These bacteria can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

What should I do if I forget to remove Caya after 24 hours have passed?

Remove Caya and visit your doctor for an examination.

Can I have repeated consecutive intercourse with the Caya diaphragm?

Yes, your Caya will remain in position, but you will have to apply additional contraceptive gel with the aid of an applicator. Applicators for contraceptive gel can be purchased in the pharmacy.

Can the Caya diaphragm also be used during menstruation?

YES. It is possible to use the Caya diaphragm during menstruation.

What should I do in case of a vaginal infection?

Please visit your doctor for treatment in case of vaginal infection (e.g. fungus). Please use condoms during treatment and NOT a diaphragm. Upon completion of treatment, you should purchase and use a new Caya diaphragm for your own safety.

Can I use lubricants together with the Caya diaphragm?

The use of water-based lubricants like Fiesta intim gel has no influence on the use and safety of Caya.
NOTICE: New research showed that all lubricants made of silicone oil are not compatible with Caya diaphragms. We recommend women and users to only use water-based products when using additional lubricant.

Could my partner feel the Caya diaphragm?

This is highly unlikely. However, in rare cases, your partner may feel the rim of the diaphragm.

Will the Caya diaphragm affect my sexual desire?

No, the Caya diaphragm has no influence on your libido as it contains no hormones.

What should I do if Caya causes pain during sex?

First verify the Caya is in the correct position using a finger. If the Caya diaphragm continues to cause pain, please visit your doctor.

Can Caya break or tear?

This is unlikely. However, if you do notice that your Caya is damaged in some way after intercourse, please take POSTPILL (within 5 days) and replace the Caya diaphragm.

How do I ensure safety when using the Caya diaphragm?

The regular use of the Caya diaphragm with a contraceptive gel (e.g. Caya gel) is an important measure for ensuring safety. In addition, the diaphragm should always be inserted before and not during intercourse.

What should I do if Caya accidentally comes out during intercourse?

Re-insert Caya again after applying some more contraceptive gel. If the diaphragm comes out after your partner has ejaculated or if you do not feel safe, take POSTPILL (within 5 days).