• Is it painful to have LYDIA IUD inserted?

LYDIA IUD insertion is usually well tolerated by most women. Since people tolerate pain differently, some women will experience more cramping pain than others after insertion of an IUD, Over the counter painkillers can be used to manage the pain. Women who have had children may find the insertion process less painful.

  • Can I use LYDIA IUD if I have never had a child?

Generally, any woman who has not had children can use LYDIA IUD, but she should understand that the IUD is more likely to come out because her uterus is smaller than the uterus of a woman who has given birth.This is why we have LYDIA Sleek, an IUD that perfectly fits into smaller uterus (womb)

  • Will my partner feel the IUD after insertion ?

After inserting the IUD your partner will not feel it. It is really discreet, your partner may not even know it is there.

  • What if I decide to get pregnant?

As soon as you are ready to get pregnant, the LYDIA IUD can be removed by a trained doctor or nurse and you can get pregnant immediately.

  • Do I have to go to the hospital for regular check up?

LYDIA IUD method of contraception does not require constant follow up at the clinic. The doctor or nurse will teach you how to feel the threads after each menstruation to be sure the IUD is still in place.

  • Can a breastfeeding mother use IUD?

LYDIA IUD is non hormonal and safe for breastfeeding mothers and they can have a Lydia IUD inserted from 4 weeks of delivery.