• Can I take Levofem before or after sex?

Taking levofem before and after sex does not matter because it is a daily contraceptive pill that must be taken around the same time every day to prevent pregnancy. Also, Levofem should be taken daily, even when you do not have sex .

  • Can Levofem lead to infertility?

Levofem will not lead to infertility.  Your fertility returns immediately you stop using it because of the low dose of hormone it contains which leaves the body quickly.

  • Can Levofem be used with other drugs?

Levofem  can interact with some  antidepressants, some antidiabetic drugs, anti-retroviral medications, antifungal medications (griseofulvin and ketoconazole), anti-seizure medications, antibiotic (rifampicin). Always discuss with your provider if you are on any medication before or while on Levofem.

  • Will Levofem affect my period?

Levofem daily pill usually makes your period more regular, lighter and less painful. It’s effect on your period is more of a beneficial one.

  • Can I get pregnant if I forget to use my  pills?

If you frequently miss your pills or if you miss 2 or more active pills without any backup plan like a fiesta condom or PostPill, then your chances of getting pregnant while on this method is high.

  • What should I do if I miss my pill?

If you missed just one pill, you should take it as soon as you remember, and the next one should 

be taken at the normal time (or you can take the two pills together). You should afterwards continue to take your pills daily.

If you missed two or more pills in a row: You should take 2 pills as soon as you remember. You should thereafter continue to take your pills daily and during the next 7 days, you must either use a FIESTA condom or POSTPILL

If you missed any white pill: You can discard the missed pill so you will know when to start a new pack of LEVOFEM.

  • How effective is the daily pill?

LEVOFEM daily  pill is 99% effective, it is a reliable form of contraception that offers high protection against pregnancy when taken as directed.