Meet Lydia IUD (Coil)

Lydia IUD is a little piece of plastic with a safe copper wrapped around it and is put into the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

There's a Lydia for you

Safe Load is A small plastic that can prevent pregnancy as long as you want for a maximum of 10 years. It is a no touch strategy that helps to limit your exposure to infections. It is very fast to use and saves your time.

Very safe for women of all ages and designed to be accurate, requiring minimal effort from your health care provider.

Lydia Copper T & Lydia Safe Load, are two types of Lydia IUD that are ideal for women who have had their desired number of children or those who want to space their children. They help prevent pregnancy for 10 years.

Lydia Safe Load comes with a device that makes the insertion process faster, so it can be inserted in 3 to 5 mins compared to 10 minutes for Lydia Copper T.
(this is the advantage over Lydia Copper T)

Lydia sleek is ideal for single women who haven’t had children yet and are not ready for marriage because of school or career. Its unique geometrical shape and small size makes it fit the small womb of a woman who has not been pregnant before. It helps prevent pregnancy for 5 years.

It is the only small sized IUD available in Nigeria and may be useful in the treatment of Asherman’s Syndrome (a gynecological condition caused by scars in the womb due to unsafe abortion or other problems)

 Lydia Copper Y is ideal for women who want to delay pregnancy for sometime before having the next child. The special-Y shape helps it sit accurately in the womb and it prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years. It can also be removed at anytime if desired before the 5th year is up.

Lydia postpartum IUD is inserted immediately after delivery or within 48hours after delivery as this is when the cervix is still slightly open so no pain for the woman during insertion. This special IUD is designed for this purpose and helps women get this effective family planning method before being discharged from the hospital.

It saves women the cost of transporting themselves back to the hospital after 6 weeks for their IUD or getting pregnant soon after delivery while waiting for their period to come. it can prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years but can also be removed at anytime she wants.

  • Prevents pregnancy for up to 10 years
  • Starts working immediately you get it
  • No hormones
  • Remove today, get pregnant tomorrow
  • No one can tell it’s there
  • Affordable
Product Added Benefits
  • No Go-slow, it’s ready-set-go  😆
  • Highly Reliable
  • Most affordable, long term method of preventing pregnancy
  • Immediate return to fertility  😀
  • No hormones, no weight changes, no irregular menses  😉
  • Time for fun, time for life  😛
  • Total privacy  😆
Here’s how it works

Lydia IUD only messes with the way sperm moves such that it cannot reach the egg to fertilize it.

 😆 Amazing right!

Additional Knowledge

Simple to use

You can get Lydia IUD inserted at any time during your menstrual cycle but it is preferably inserted during or immediately after a menstrual period.

Can I use Lydia IUD?

Yes you can but you cannot use it if you are pregnant, have an unexplained or untreated vaginal bleeding, high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or pelvic inflammatory disease. Conditions like these should be treated before using Lydia IUD.

Should I be concerned?

Not to worry. Side effects are very few, disappear within a short period and not every woman gets to experience them. So, you may have: mild to moderate lower abdominal pain (for the first few days after insertion), heavier or longer periods or spotting between periods.

I’m breastfeeding, can I use Lydia IUD?

Yes, you can use Lydia IUD when your baby is 6 weeks or older.

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