Meet Caya
Put it in to get it on
  • Use only when you have sex

  • Reusable for 2 years

  • Safe, reliable, hormone- free

  • Private, no one can tell

  • One size for all women

Caya diaphragm is made of silicone and has a bowl-like shape which makes it flexible and easy to insert into the vagina 🙄 to cover the cervix. For easy insertion, use Caya diaphragm with Caya gel 😀    

Put it in to get it on
  • No side effects

  • Comes in 60-gram tubes

  • Compatible with natural latex condoms

  • Comes with an applicator

Caya Gel is a contraceptive gel used with Caya diaphragm and it acts as an additional physical barrier at the cervix. 🙄 Also, the acidic PH value and thickness of the gel prevents the movement of the sperm  😀    

How To Insert Caya

How to Insert

How to Remove Caya
Additional Knowledge

Why I love 😍 Caya

  • It offers protection only when you want it (when you have sex).
  • It does not disturb sex.
  • One size fits all women.

Caya is bae 😘

It simply works as a barrier that covers the entrance to the womb (cervix), to prevent sperm from meeting the egg.

Handle Caya with care⚠

  • Before using it for the first time wash with soap and water, air-dry (not under the sun) and check for holes.
  • When you remove Caya after sex, clean it with water and soap and allow it to air-dry (not under the sun). Store the Caya diaphragm in the original case.
  • After treatment of a vaginal infection, the Caya diaphragm should be replaced with a new one to avoid re-infection.
  • Check Caya for holes or damages every time you want to use it to make sure it is still intact.

Not to worry 🤷‍♀️

Women who use Caya diaphragm and gel do not have any complaint. If you do, see your doctor.

I’m breastfeeding, can I use Caya?🤔

 😆 Yes, you can use Caya when your baby is 6 weeks or older.





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