Meet Levofem

Low dose, very safe

99% effective

Stop today, get pregnant tomorrow

Very affordable (cheaper than roasted corn)

Regulates your cycle

Lighter less painful period

Levofem is taken daily for 28 days and you should start another pack as soon as you finish one.

Here’s how to use it

Take one Levofem tablet daily.  There are 2 ways to start;

  • You can start taking the pills during your period and it starts working immediately.
  • Or if you are not on your period, you can start the pills but you need to abstain or if body is doing you to do, use Fiesta/ Kiss condom for the first 7 days.
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Additional Knowledge

How does it work?

Levofem contains hormones that work with your body to delay ovulation (release of egg) and thicken the mucus at the cervix(entrance to the womb) so sperm cannot reach the egg.

Can I use Levofem?

Yes, you can but you cannot use it if you; are pregnant, have or have had a heart attack or stroke, have breast cancer or have diabetes or high blood pressure. Please speak with a doctor before you start using Levofem.

Should I be worried?

Not at all. Levofem side effects are very minimal and not everyone will have it. Also, the side effects will disappear after the first pack. It is possible to see one or none of these: a headache, nausea, menstrual changes (actually in a good way).

I’m breastfeeding, can I use Levofem?

🙂 Yes, you can use Levofem when your baby is 6 months or older.

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