Lagos Big Boy

“Guys, I met this smokin’ hawt chick Mary yesterday in Ikeja: So sweet in fact her body is banging, her english is like music! Imagine babe was forming ‘I am in a relationship’, by the time I finished unleashing my charm, her brain did factory reset, in fact tonight we go finish the matter”. Tunde…


Be Prepared!

By Chidinma S. Onuoha A few weeks ago, I was beaten by rain. It was a torrential downpour that was worsened because the wicked danfo driver dropped us in the middle of a puddle and ordered everyone out of his bus. I was so angry that I prayed that his engine will knock, God forgive…


Providers opinion

Providers Preferred Option Pills may seem like the most preferred method when it comes to birth control, but it doesn’t top the list in the eyes of actual providers. Studies have found that the IUD is the most popular form of birth control among family planning providers. Researchers surveyed 551 family planning providers between the…


Rear entry

You need to lie down on your stomach on the bed with your legs opened. Your man then gets on top of you with his legs together in pretty much the same position he would be in while performing the ‘missionary position’ with you and then enters you. He then rests part of his weight…


Victory sex

Open as you normally would when your man is on top. Your man will then straddle you just like during regular ‘’missionary sex’’. But instead of wrapping your legs around him, you need to keep them open and pointing in the air in a V shape.


You’re going to lie on your back with your legs open while your man is on top with his legs in between yours. He can steady himself by resting his weight on his elbows which he positions either side of you. He can also rest part of his weight on you, but should be careful…


Deck chair

Get your guy to support himself by leaning back on his hands while sitting legs outstretched in the ‘deck chair’ sex position. You then lie back on a pillow facing him and pop your feet up onto his shoulders for an extra deep feeling move the pillow to under your hips.