You’re going to lie on your back with your legs open while your man is on top with his legs in between yours. He can steady himself by resting his weight on his elbows which he positions either side of you. He can also rest part of his weight on you, but should be careful…


Deck chair

Get your guy to support himself by leaning back on his hands while sitting legs outstretched in the ‘deck chair’ sex position. You then lie back on a pillow facing him and pop your feet up onto his shoulders for an extra deep feeling move the pillow to under your hips.

Reclining Lotus

To perform the reclining lotus you need to hitch your legs up and position your feet on his hips you shorten the vaginal canal allowing him prime access to your play zone. The friction of you both going to it will also ramp up your clitoral pleasure whilst you’re both free to make out with…



To perform the bulldog, you need to first get down on all fours on your hands and knees. Next you need to bring both of your legs together. Your man then enters you from behind in a slight squatting position. He places his feet outside of your legs and he can put his hands on…