So, he finally asked you out on a date, excited right? Oya calm down first, Remember Rule No.1- Be yourself. Though this sounds cliché, it is the first step you must take to get many more dates. But here are the tips you need to know to make sure the first date leads to many more…..

  1. Speak Up: I’m not saying you should be a talkative, I’m saying you should not be scared to speak your mind. He wants to take you to a Chinese restaurant and you know even your descendants would never want that, speak it. He wants to take you fishing and you know your village people have sworn never to let you just sit by the water, speak it. Tell him where you’d rather be, trust me, you are not being a push over but a determined and strong lady.
  2. Don’t wear things you can’t walk, eat, breathe or talk in: Yes, you want to impress him alright, but you need to know when to stop. You are a size 10 but because you want to look hot, you wear a size 8 gown and you know food is your weakness. Sisi, don’t go and faint on your first date as he would just conclude you are a fake; you know you can’t walk on heels but because you want to form classy, you buy a 6 inches heel and you are walking like you are dragging along your entire village. Calm down, he certainly asked you out because he saw something in you, don’t ruin it by being fake.
  3. No African time: I know how we all love to obey the old fashioned, ‘keep him waiting’ ideology but on a first date, it is good to make a good impression, I’m not saying show up before him but don’t show up too late. Don’t give him the impression that you are not interested, these days, guys don’t really like ladies who form hard to get.
  4. Don’t drink too much: Yea, we like to parry hard and a couple of drinks wouldn’t hurt but ensure you know your limit. Don’t go drinking like a fish only for you to end up drunk, helpless and probably saying or doing things you would end up regretting the morning after. The last thing you want is a guy you barely know all alone with you in that condition, so take a few drinks to loosen up if you will but just enough so he doesn’t see you as a drunk.
  5. Don’t obsess over your appearance: Yes, you should look flawless but not too flawless else he’d think you are a fake. Take your time to do your make up before the date not jumping into the bathroom every 10 minutes to powder your nose, brush your hair or fix your teeth. Date time should be bae time, so make it worthwhile.
  6. Put your phone away: Girl, I know its hard especially with all the social media crase right now, but Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are not running away, you can post and chat after the date. Date time like I said earlier is Bae time so spend ample time talking and listening else Bae would not take you seriously. Do I need to mention it is weird taking pictures of him without his consent all for the gossip? We love pictures but reduce the number of pictures you take on your first date so as not to piss him off.
  7. Ask questions: Don’t just talk and talk and talk about yourself, it would send the impression you are self-centered, make time to ask questions about him, his family, friends, hobbies, work etc. but keep it to that, don’t try piercing into his soul with questions about his body count and other sensitive topics. You can also bring up general topics like politics, religion etc. this would show how smart and exposed you are.
  8. Offer to pay: I know most of you would hate me right now but trust me, this works. When the check is brought, stretch your hand offering to pay or you can offer to tip the waiter. Prove to him you can pay your bills but make sure you can actually pay though incase brother is not “The Brother” and he chooses to fall his hands.
  9. Don’t stalk after the date: Even if the date was the best you ever had, don’t go stalking him on social media or calling every two hours, you can leave a text massage if you really want to show you appreciate his company but don’t call first, leave that for him to do if you want a genuine relationship. Girl, let him do the chasing.
  10. Stay positive: Your day was probably messy, Bae probably didn’t take you to a five-star restaurant, movie was boring etc. don’t let all those bring you down, try to make the best out of your date, try to suggest fun things, make jokes out of what seem boring. Remember, Bae is nervous so do not add to it by throwing tantrums thereby messing up the day for the both of you.

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